Common Thai Grammar Mistakes 1

Common Thai Grammar Mistakes 1
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Common Thai Grammar Mistakes 1

It’s sometimes easy to make a mistake with Thai grammar, remembering the correct positioning of verb, noun and adjective!

For example, when we want to say ‘no traffic’ in Thai, we don’t say “mâi rót tìt” because after the “mâi”,we put the verb or adjective.

We don’t put the noun after “mâi”.

rót” is a noun which means cars and “tìt” is a verb which means stuck or jammed.

So “rót mâi tìt” is the correct way to say ‘no traffic’ in Thai.

Here are some more examples of correct Thai grammar:

How to say ‘traffic jam’ and ‘it rains’,

fǒn ฝน means rain nám น้ำ means water

tòk ตก means To fall thûam ท่วม means To flood/to over flow

rót รถ means a car gam-laŋ กำลัง means -ing(suffix)

tìt ติด means To jam/to stuck gam-laŋ jà กำลังจะ means Will soon

tɔ:n-ní: ตอนนี้ means now tɔ:n-bà:y ตอนบ่าย means In the afternoon

Gruŋ-thê:p กรุงเทพ means Bangkok

thai grammar

1.It will rain soon. fǒn gam-laŋ jà tòk.


2.It rained yesterday. mᵾ̂a-wa:n fǒn tòk.


3.It is raining now. fǒn gam-laŋ tòk.


4.I will not rain. fǒn mâi tòk.


5.It did not rain yesterday. mᵾ̂a-wa:n fǒn mâi tòk.


6.It is not raining now. tɔ:n-ní: fǒn mâi tòk.


7.There is a traffic jam now. tɔ:n-ní: rót tìt.


8.There will be traffic jam. rót jà tìt.


9.There was a traffic jam this afternoon. tɔ:n-bà:y rót tìt.


10.There are no traffic jams now. tɔ:n-ní: rót mâi tìt.


11.There will not be traffic jams this afternoon. tɔ:n-bà:y rót jà mâi tìt.


12.There were no traffic jams this afternoon. tɔ:n-bà:y rót mâi tìt.


13.Bangkok flooded yesterday. mᵾ̂a-wa:n Gruŋ-thê:p nám thûam.


14.Bangkok will flood. Gruŋ-thê:p nám jà thûam.


15.Bangkok are flooding now. tɔ:n-ní: Gruŋ-thê:p nám thûam.


16.Bangkok did not flood. Gruŋ-thê:p nám mâi thûam.


17.Bangkok will not flood. Gruŋ-thê:p nám jà mâi thûam.


18.Bangkok are not flooding at the moment. tɔ:n-ní: Gruŋ-thê:p nám mâi thûam.



In Thai we don’t say “mâi nám thûam”, because after the “mâi”, we put the verb or adjective.

We don’t put nouns after the“mâi”.

nám” is a noun which means water and “thûam” is a verb which means To flood/to over flow.

Don’t say”mi:”which means There is or There are before the word “nám thûam”and ” rót tìt”

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