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Tag: Thai lesson

Asking Questions in Thai 4 -why? tham-mai​? ทำไม​ 
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why? in​ Thai​ language​ is tham-mai? ทำไม​ tham-mai+subject​+(mâi)​+verb​+object​+​ká/kráp?                ká​ คะ​ is​ a​ female​ particle, put​ after​ questions​ to​ be​ more​ polite. kráp​ ครับ​ is​ a​ male​ particle,put​ after​ questions​ to be​ more​ polite. mâi​ ไม่​ is​ a​ negative​ from(don’t,doesn’t,didn’t,isn’t,aren’t,wasn’t and​ weren’t)​ Study​ this​ example​; 1.A:tham-mai​ phî: chɔ̂:p​ lên yoká​ ká/kráp? ทำไม​ พี่​ ชอบ​ เล่น​

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General Conversation and Grammar
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General Conversations A: pai nǎi? (Where are you going?) B: pai tham-ŋa:n kà.(I’m going to work.) A: kɔ̌:-thô:t ńa kráp. (Sorry) B: mâi-pen-rai kà. (No problem ) At a coffee shop A: ao ga:-fԑ: rɔ́:n kráp. (I would like a cup of hot coffee please) B: nî: kà. (Here you go) A: ao cha: rɔ́:n