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Common Thai Grammar Mistakes 3
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mâi ไม่  and mâi châi ไม่ใช่ are used in negative sentences for example; Subject +mâi+verb+object. 1. She didn’t come to work. káo mâi ma: tham-ŋa:n kà.     เค้าไม่มาทำงานค่ะ 2. He did not drink beer. káo mâi gin bia kráp.                เค้าไม่กินเบียร์ครับ 3. There is nobody there. thî:-nân mâi mi: kon kà.          ที่นั่นไม่มีคนค่ะ Note: A:káo mâi ma: tham-ŋa:n kà. She didn’t come to work. เค้าไม่มาทำงานค่ะ B:káo ma:

Common Thai Grammar Mistakes 2
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There are a lot of students that make mistakes when they say ‘to call’in Thai language. To call someone is tho:-hǎ: โทรหา  someone + tho:-hǎ: + someone To call a place is tho:-pai โทรไป  or tho:-ma: โทรมา  someone + tho:-pai/tho:-ma:+place/verb For example; 1.1 I (elder speaker) called my sister. Phî: tho:-hǎ: nɔ́:ŋ-sǎ:w.     พี่โทรหาน้องสาว 1.2 Her mother calls her friends

Read Thai Lesson 1
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Read Thai Lesson 1 1.Thai consonants Thai language has 44 consonants, 28 vowels and 4 tone marks.                                  2.Thai vowels                               3.Tone marks Lone tone, falling tone,

Common Thai Grammar Mistakes 1
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Common Thai Grammar Mistakes 1 It’s sometimes easy to make a mistake with Thai grammar, remembering the correct positioning of verb, noun and adjective! For example, when we want to say ‘no traffic’ in Thai, we don’t say “mâi rót tìt” because after the “mâi”,we put the verb or adjective. We don’t put the noun

Speak Thai Lesson 6
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To Carry There are many ways to say “to carry” in Thai like”thᵾ̌:”,”hîw”,”bԑ̀:k”,”sa-pha:i” and “ûm” ”thᵾ̌:” and ”hîw” are the same,you use your hand to carry. ”bԑ̀:k” is to use your shoulder to carry. ”sa-pha:i” is to use your back to carry. “ûm” is to carry a person or animal. Here are  example sentences of “ûm” 1.mԑ̂: gam-laŋ ûm lû:k-cha:y. แม่กำลังอุ้มลูกชาย The mother is carrying her son. 2.mԑ̂: gam-laŋ jà ûm lû:k-cha:y. แม่กำลังจะอุ้มลูกชาย The mother is going to carry her

Speak Thai Lesson 2
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In this lesson we will start with how to make a phone call  in Thai. 1.Making a phone call Bryce:sa-wàd-di: kráp,kͻ̌: sǎ:y Otani kráp. สวัสดีครับ ขอสายโอตานิครับ Hi,may I speak with Otani please? Otani:phû:t yù: kráp. พูดอยู่ครับ Otani is speaking. 1.kͻ̌: sǎ:y…….kráp.(Male speaking) ขอสาย………..ครับ 2.kͻ̌: sǎ:y…….kà.(Female speaking) ขอสาย………..ค่ะ May I speak with…….please. 3……….phû:t yù: …………พูดอยู่ ………is

Speak Thai Lesson 1
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Speak Thai Lesson 1 You need to put a word after number when you tell amount of something Example 2 shirts =sᵾ̂a 2 tua. shirt 2 The word “tua” doesn’t mean anything but you need to put after the 2 to make this phrase complete. Here are words which you need to put after number.