Speak Thai Lesson 1

Speak Thai Lesson 1
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Speak Thai Lesson 1

You need to put a word after number when you tell amount of something


2 shirts =sᵾ̂a 2 tua.

shirt 2

The word “tua” doesn’t mean anything but you need to put after the 2 to make this phrase complete.

Here are words which you need to put after number.

kon = explain amount of people.

kan = explain amount of car or motorbike.

thûay = a cup of something

kùat = a bottle of something

gԑ̂:w = a glass of something

ja:n = a plate of something

cha:m = a bowl of something

tua = explain amount of clothes,animals and some furniture like table or chair.

chín = a piece of something

1.I have 3 cars.

Phî: mi: rót sǎ:m kan.พี่มีรถ 3 คัน

(I have car 3)

2.I drank 2 cup of tea.

Phî: gin cha: sͻ̌:ŋ thûay.พี่กินชา 2 ถ้วย

(I drank tea 2 cup)

3.I have 5 friends.

Phî: mi: phᵾ̂an hâ: kon.พี่มีเพื่อน 5 คน

(I have friend 5 person)

4.I bought 20 pieces of cookies.

Phî: sᵾ́: kúk-gî: yî:-sìp chín.พี่ซื้อคุกกี้ 20 ชิ้น

(I buy cookies 20 pieces)

1.There are 3 bottle of water on the table.

bon tó mi: nám sǎ:m kùat.บนโต้ะมีน้ำ 3 ขวด

(on table there are water 3 bottle)

2.There is one glass of water in the kitchen.

nai krua mi: nám nᵾ̀ŋ gԑ̂:w.ในครัวมีน้ำ 1 แก้ว

(in kitchen there is water 1 glass)

3.She ate one dish of Phatthai.

Káo gin Phatthai nᵾ̀ŋ ja:n.เค้ากินผัดไทย 1 จาน

(She ate Phatthai 1 dish)

4.She made one bowl of noodle.

Káo tham gúay-tǐaw nᵾ̀ŋ ja:n.เค้าทำก๊วยเตี๋ยว 1 จาน

(She made noodle 1 dish)

gì: means how many……………..?


1.Sentences:Phî: mi: rót sǎ:m kan.(I have 3 cars)

Question: Phî: mi: rót gì: kan?(How many cars do you have?)

Answer: sǎ:m kan.(3)

2.Sentences: Phî: gin cha: sͻ̌:ŋ thûay.(I drank 2 cup of tea.)

Question: Phî: gin cha: gì: thûay ?(How many cup of tea did you drink?)

Answer: sͻ̌:ŋ thûay.(2 cup)

3.Sentences: Phî: mi: phᵾ̂an hâ: kon.(I have 5 friends.)

Question: Phî: mi: phᵾ̂an gì: kon?(?(How many friends do you have?)

Answer: hâ: kon(5 person)


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