Speak Thai Lesson 10

Speak Thai Lesson 10
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To finish – sèt

Part 1

To finish work
sèt = To finish to do your work or clock off

lerk ngaan = clock off


Part 2
gin k
â:sèt = To finish to eat(When you use the word”sèt” Maybe there is some food left after finish eating or you ate them all.Can be both)

gin k
â:mòt = To finish to eat(When you use the word”mòt” means there is no food left,You eat them all)


Part 3

du: nǎŋ sèt = To finish to watch a movie(Using the word”sèt” You won’t know if completely watch ing until the end of a movie or just watch it half then stop watching it.


du: nǎŋ  jòb = To finish watching a movie until the end.

Part 4

sèt = To finish

mòt =To run out

jòb = To completely finish(Used with “to read and to watch)

1.1 Phî: gin kâ:w-thîaŋ sèt lԑ́:w.


I already finished to eat lunch.

1.2 Phî: gin pla: mòt lԑ́:w.


I already finished to eat the fish.(The word “mot” imply no more fish.

2.1 Phî: du: nǎŋ sèt lԑ́:w.


I already finished a movie.

2.2 Phî: du: nǎŋ jòb lԑ́:w..


I already finished a movie.(The word “job“imply to watch a movie until the end of a movie)

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