About Maliwan

About Maliwan

Hi I’m Maliwan,

Since graduating from Ramkhahaeng University, majoring in English, I have been teaching foreigners to speak, read and write Thai fluently and confidently since​ 2008.  My students have included from Presidents of multinational companies, Ambassadors  to retirees.

I have written four easy-to-use books ‘Speaking Thai’ that include asking questions, general conversations and avoiding common mistakes to support my students.

Learning English and now also Japanese, I understand from my own experience many of the issues connected with learning another language as an adult.  I am passionate about teaching, building rapport with my students and personalizing my lessons to each students individual needs.

When I’m not teaching I love to exercise and also to travel – meeting new people, trying new foods and experiencing different cultures.

If you are interested to study Thai, and would like to see if I am the right teacher for you, please contact me for a free trial lesson,

LINE: maliwandao

EMAIL: learnthaimaliwan@gmail.com

or fill out the contact form below,

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